PUBG: New Sanhok Map Test Is Live With Updates On PC

Another round of testing for the new Sanhok map is underway.


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The third round of testing for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’s new Sanhok map (formerly known as Codename: Savage) is now underway on PC. For the next few days, everyone who’s purchased PUBG on Steam will be able to try the smaller island map, which boasts a number of changes for this test.

As developer PUBG Corp. detailed in the patch notes for the third Sanhok test, the map now features four new areas: Cave, Tambang, Lakawi, Na Kham. To go along with the map’s new name, PUBG Corp. has also renamed all of the existing areas on Sanhok, and several of them have received “various improvements” since the last round of testing.

Additionally, PUBG Corp. has adjusted how the red zone operates. Now, the developer says the red zone will “generally” no longer appear appear within the safe zone. However, this won’t always be the case, in particular when the blue circle is near the white one, but PUBG Corp. says this change will make it generally riskier to play outside of the safe zone.

On top of implementing the sweeping balance tweaks it made to weapons recently, PUBG Corp. has also adjusted the spawn rates for certain items on Sanhok. In particular, AR-type weapons should now be more plentiful. The spawn ratio of the M16A4 and AKM have been increased, while the M416 has been slightly decreased–although PUBG Corp. says “the total amount spawned will remain similar to before.”

You can read the full list of changes on Steam. The third Sanhok test runs from now until May 14, and as previously mentioned, is open to everyone who has purchased PUBG on Steam. To get into the test, you’ll need to download the Experimental Test Server client from your Steam Library. The same client can be used to access future Sanhok tests. You can find the exact start and end times for this round of testing below.

PUBG Sanhok Test #3

Starts May 10

  • 7 PM PT
  • 10 PM ET
  • 3 AM BST (May 11)

Ends May 14

  • 4 AM PT
  • 7 AM ET
  • 12 PM BST



PUBG Mobile – Vehicle Tips

This page contains PUBG tips and strategies for vehicles and driving from the team working on PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds and PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Survival Guide – Vehicle and Driving Tips
This is the second installment of our PUBG Mobile survival guide series. Last week, we shared with you some tips and tricks to survive the game’s opening, violent moments. This week, it’s everyone’s favorite flop-sweat ridden nightmare: welcome back to Driver’s Ed, everyone. Let’s go over some of the rules of the battle royale road.

Find the Right Car

PUBG Mobile is littered with vehicles, but most are abandoned and too damaged to be drivable. Learn the visual profiles of the drivable vehicles so you don’t waste time.

Certain vehicles lend themselves to certain situations. Motorcycles and dune buggies can offer some nice speed and handling, but leave driver and passengers more exposed to enemy fire. More armored vehicles like the VW Bus and Jeep keep those inside safer, but could be more dangerous in…other ways.

Hands at 10 and 2

Driving in PUBG Mobile is easy to learn, but like real driving, difficult to master. The handling of vehicles can differ greatly between types, so take care when steering. Put simply: not all cars are created equal.

PUBG Mobile employs a physics engine that can make your car react in a realistic way to bumpy, unstable terrain, so head’s up: you will end up going airborne. If you’re not great with bumps, stay between the lines and stick to the road for a (generally) smoother ride. Try tapping the arrow buttons while driving to make smaller, more accurate adjustments to your car’s direction. Need to make a 180 fast? Give it the ole’ lead thumb.

Deer in the Headlights

Typically, your better instincts would tell you to avoid driving directly over someone. Not so in PUBG Mobile -hitting another player with your vehicle will result in a quick, easy kill.

Be careful though: zeroing in on a player while you’re driving and attempting to hit them head on can be harder than you think, and it’ll also give your potential roadkill a direct line of fire through your windshield.

Demolition Derby

Is the enemy team joyriding in a vehicle? Don’t be afraid to light them up, whether you’re in a car or not. Players in cars remain vulnerable to bullets, grenades and other weapons, but can be harder to hit thanks to their increased speed. If you’re trying to shoot car to car (or just shooting an enemy car, on foot) be sure to lead your shots to allow for bullet travel time. With some practice, you’ll be spraying down entire teams inside the VW Bus in no time.

Bullets in Mirror May Be Deadlier Than They Appear

Remember, if you’re driving a car, your hands are occupied and you can’t shoot. Your fellow players, on the other hand, can still do damage from their passenger seats. If you find yourself in an automotive firefight, your passengers should try their best to return fire and buy you some time to drive to better cover.

Unfortunately, when driving solo, you are pretty much exposed to enemy fire, so if an enemy has a bead on you, your best bet may be to stop the car, get out, and use the car itself as cover. From there, hopefully, you can return fire and kill the person ruining your Sunday drive.

Explosive Damage

If you do decide to use your car as cover, keep an eye out for fire and flames. As enemy players unleash bullets into your vehicle, it will eventually start smoking, catch fire, and then explode.

And no, you don’t have car insurance. And yes, anyone too close to the car will be eliminated. Use this to your advantage when engaging enemies in their own cars. High caliber weapons like rifles and machine guns can make short work of most of PUBG Mobile’s vehicles if you’re hitting your shots.

PUBG Announces $150k North American Qualifier Esports Tournament

(Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

PUBG Corp, following up the announcement last month of the PUBG Global Invitational (PGI 2018) esports tournament, announced today the PGI North America Qualifier that will determine the three teams to represent North America at PGI 2018. The qualifier will have a prize pool of $150,000 to be split between the top 20 teams.

While Fortnite is mucking around with Disney tie-ins, Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds is focusing on the professional aspect of battle royale gaming. This is the second esports tournament announced in the last month and chances are there are more to come since this is a qualifier for the larger tournament. There will be other qualifiers around the world. The North American qualifier is for (surprise) the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Round one will consist of 320 teams, split up into 16 lobbies of 20 teams each. The top 10 teams after four matches will advance to the second round. This starts on May 24th, so you better click this link to sign your team up today. From there the tourney rolls pretty quick, so clear your schedule if you are a frequent consumer of chicken dinners.

Round three, which starts on May 26th, will have the top 80 teams and random matches will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube. The top 20 teams will compete in Burbank, CA on June 22-24. 12 matches will be played across three days, with the top three teams advancing to the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 in Berlin.

This is a smart move for PUBG, looking to capitalize on a growing esports market and make waves against Fortnite’s growth in casual player popularity. Both games have taken the battle royale to the next level, but only one will reign supreme at the esports level and it appears to be PUBG. With a $2mm prize pool at the Berlin tournament and kicking out $150k at a qualifier, you know that PUBG Corp. is raking in the cash (though Epic Games is raking in more).

Get your team together, get out your sporks and get hungry for that chicken dinner. You can sign up for the North American Qualifier here to get your chance at a piece of that prize money and all the glory that comes with being an esports champion.

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Is PUBG Mobile worth playing?

A lot of people have been faithful fans of the PC version of PUBG. These individuals have had the same doubts in their minds. Is PUBG mobile worth playing? Yes, it definitely is. To make you understand, here is a comparison between the mobile and the PC version. Read through it to understand how good the mobile version of the game is.

The mobile version is F2P

Most players love to play free games. The reason is that they entertain the players without getting any money from them. PUBG Mobile is a free mobile game that continues to win the hearts of gamers. You can gain a better edge over other players using the in-game purchases here. Do you feel you don’t need that sort of advantage? Then, you will be fine playing without having to spend a penny at all. However, you can use a pubg hacks to play the game without any spending.

The game does feature different gameplay modes such as Solo, Squadplay, and Duo. The game now has only one map available, the Russian island map – Erangel. The Miramar map has already hit the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile. So, players can expect it to come very soon to the international version. The developers have done a good job of adapting the Erangel map to the mobile version. So, you can expect the same for the Miramar map.

Yes, you read it right. The PUBG Mobile version has a better map than its PC counterpart. How is it better? For one, it has the range indicators that show the squad members’. The same applies to the marker’s location as well. It makes navigation a lot easier. Also, while you land, the map shows the path the plane will take. You will see the same in dotted line. It is another feature, which is absent on the PC version.

Easier lower levels mean new players will be able to acclimatize with the controls. Further, the gameplay is a lot better. Why is it easy? Maybe, it is because most of the players are first timers. Even, it may be because they are in fact bots. The PUBG Corporation has made no official statement about bots. But, you can assume that they are a part of the gameplay. It holds true, particularly, in the lower levels considering how easy it is.

Thankfully, the vehicle controls are a lot easier in the mobile version of the game. It is comparatively better than the PC version.

What Should You Know About Hack Tools?

Hacks are always helping gaming enthusiasts to nurture their gaming skills. For PUBG, there are different Player’s Unknown Battleground hacks. You will find them with a simple search online. The hacks give you different advantages such as unlimited health, weapons, making the gameplay easier. So, you can use them to make your game playing experience better.  When you have more resources handy, you can play against others with ease. Here, relying on the best hack tool is the key. learn more about PUBG hacks.